Targeted Resource Recovery Plan

Fundraising and event planning in times of crisis – Motivating and communicating to a board through difficult times – Making tough decisions about staffing levels due to decreased funding: These are just a few examples of what many nonprofits are facing at this critical time.

Knowing that cost may be a factor, Ashley|Rountree is now offering a targeted resource recovery plan that allows each client to focus on a plan of immediate action to address critical issues they are facing in their sector due to COVID-19 and other pressures. Ashley|Rountree will quickly but thoroughly assess, evaluate and provide a targeted, highly intensive plan of action to address significant opportunities for fund development over a three-week period.


This is not a multi-year fund development plan but one that will assess high-impact strategies in a short-time frame. Our consultants will evaluate the current organization in three ways:

  1. What fundraising activities is the organization currently performing? Do these activities have the highest ROI over the near-term and will they develop relationships over the longer term? Ashley|Rountree will recommend changes be made to immediately align or realign philanthropic priorities based on best practices.
  2. Assess what current funding priorities exist and provide a plan of action to seek qualified current and/or newly-emerging community resources that would be effective in bridging critical gaps, increasing and broadening support, and providing additional financial stability for the organization.
  3. Provide specific counsel for the transition to post COVID-19 fundraising and helping the organization plan accordingly.


Flat fee of $2,950. Ashley|Rountree will be providing at least one consultant for 15-hours and up to 20-hours if needed over 3 weeks. This fee is reduced from the regular $250/hour pricing.

For further information about our resource recovery plan, please contact Colleen Thomas at (502) 244-5835 or