Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

As the region’s leading provider of consulting services for nonprofit organizations, the mission of Ashley|Rountree and Associates is to assist nonprofit organizations in growing philanthropy and achieving self-sustainability in order to help the communities we serve become a better place for all who live and work in them.

Our Values


We take a comprehensive approach to each project, seeking to understand the full range of issues and programs. Whenever possible, we wish to work with staff, board and volunteer leaders within your organization because we believe that everyone has a stake in the success of a nonprofit. Also, we use a team approach for the delivery of our services. As a result, Ashley|Rountree clients benefit from the multiple perspectives of a team of consultants with deep expertise in philanthropy and nonprofit management. Moreover, we have assembled our teams around specific nonprofit service areas where each consultant is able to contribute most fully to the specific needs of the client based on his/her expertise.

Sustainable Growth.  

When we accept responsibility for assisting your organization, we do so knowing that we must complete our work in a way that leaves the organization better prepared to face the next challenge with newly built capacities. Rather than create clients who are dependent on our expertise, Ashley|Rountree works to build each organization’s capabilities from within, assisting staff, board and volunteers to take responsibility for the growth of the enterprise. Our objective is to help each client develop the internal resources they require to reach present goals and to sustain future growth.

Ethical Practices.  

At Ashley|Rountree we understand that the work of our nonprofit clients is built on serving the public’s trust, and that noble duty is extended to our work as your consultant. We understand that nonprofit and governmental organizations receive the benefit of public support and tax-exemption in exchange for their commitment to serve the community’s highest needs without personal benefit and, because we are your partners, we share in that commitment. Ashley|Rountree adheres to the AFP Code of Ethics and expects each of our consultants and clients to do the same.


We do more than just talk about what needs to be done – we help lead our clients to action and success. Each of the consultants who are part of every Ashley|Rountree team has previously worked in both staff and volunteer roles for the kinds of organizations that we now seek to help. As a result, our team understands our clients’ high expectations for tangible results. While we all seek to imagine what could be done, we accept that it’s our job to get it done. Together, we transform dreams into achievements.