Time to ask? #GivingTuesday is almost here!

Time heals. And while we are still confined to social distancing, we are seeing that daily life continues and organizations are in a new phase of work – thinking about the future and getting back to a new normal. The top question we have been receiving is whether it is okay to start asking for contributions. While every organization should weigh the positives and negatives of making a request for their particular nonprofit, more are deciding it is acceptable. And let’s face it, more than likely there is a need which is growing with each day.

#GivingTuesday will be held on May 5 and Kentucky Gives Day is May 12. Having a playbook to help increase funding is important and it is not too late to start. Even as you work remotely there is so much that can be accomplished. Consider these suggestions for organizing prior to the big day:

  • Set a goal that can be shared with your audience.
  • Tie the goal to a particular funding opportunity that may resonate with your audience. Focus on positive results and do not dwell on the negatives that may be occurring with your organization.
  • Consider how you can segment your donor database to effectively contact first time donors or even donors who have lapsed over the past year.
  • Start promoting Giving Tuesday and your goal at least one week prior through social media platforms. Prepare a social media plan for the day making sure that you post and update at regular intervals.
  • Ask those individuals closest to your organization to consider making an early gift that day to help encourage other donations. You may also want to have some challenge funds that can be used throughout the day. For example, you may want to use a $250 challenge gift (solicited earlier) to encourage ten-$25 gifts during a particular hour. Make sure you promote the challenge and then let your audience know the outcome.
  • Thank your donors within at least 48 hours of the gift.

These are just a few examples of how you can make the most of a day that celebrates giving. #GivingTuesday is also a great way to start, if you have not already, making a request for your organization. Good luck!

As always, Ashley|Rountree is here to answer any of your questions surrounding your nonprofit. Feel free to contact any of our team or me as you continue to work on behalf of your organization.