Strategic Restructuring

Our ongoing discussions with nonprofit leaders reveal that organizations are asking how they can enhance partnerships, create alliances, collaborate on programs and share management services in an effort to reduce costs yet still maximize mission and programs for those they serve. In many ways, all organizations (be it nonprofits and for profits) are realizing that normal business practices are changing. Creativity, flexibility, and collaboration are going to be vital for nonprofits to survive and thrive moving forward.

In our talks with funding leaders, as well as monitoring various sources regarding funding and grant sources, it’s clear that nonprofits must become even more nimble in the weeks and months ahead. Kentucky Nonprofit Network’s SURVEY conducted in the past few weeks noted that over 50% of 582 responding organizations have less than 3 months cash reserves. Time is of the essence. If nonprofits are going to effectively continue their missions, they must be able to quickly assess their own situation, work with their Board, and create a plan of action to move forward.

Ashley|Rountree will continue to assess the need for nonprofit assistance in strategic restructuring, including mergers and collaborations, and is poised and ready to help. Next week we will send a survey asking questions about the current environment for nonprofits. Once that data is collected and reviewed we will make it available to the community, along with other important resources. In addition, we are in the process of scheduling several free webinars about this topic. Look for further information about these webinars in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I encourage all nonprofit leaders and fund development teams to continue to research ongoing funding opportunities and grants that are being released and updated daily. And if you need help with that, know we stand ready to partner with you. Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter to hear more about possible funding opportunities for your organization. As we continue to engage with donors and the foundation community, we will continue to share notices on those platforms. And know that our team of grant writers are here for you in case you should need assistance in preparing any grant or funding submission. Over the past few months alone, the Ashley|Rountree grants team has helped secure well over $1 million in successful funding for our clients.

Also, please join me in a free upcoming webinar co-hosted by the Kentucky Nonprofit Network where I will be presenting on: Fundraising in a COVID-19 World and Being Ready for Recovery. Click HERE for the link to register.