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Maximizing Meetings: 3 M’s to Make Event Committee Meetings Meaningful

Sometimes meetings make you want to tear your hair out. You know—one of those meetings that tangents off the agenda to debate the most inane topic possible aiding nothing at all to the assignment at hand. A meeting like my first sorority meeting 25 years ago in which the girls were hotly debating over the […]

Is Email a Top Fundraising Strategy?

Galas, direct mail, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer events, email campaigns . . . there are so many fundraising initiatives to choose from as we start planning for 2017! So what is the most efficient and effective tactic? What is going to bring in the broadest base of support in 2017 for our nonprofit organizations? According to the […]

3 Reasons Why Your Year-End Appeal is Not Over

With a new year comes a sense of looking forward and leaving the past behind. You’ve just finished the year-end appeal and will now gear up for the next fundraising project. But not so fast —sorry to say, your year-end fund drive is not over. It’s actually never over. Let’s talk about some of the […]

Increasing Retention Rates with a Stewardship Checklist

It’s New Year’s Resolution time again! In that spirit, I have traded Netflix for books. I have unsubscribed from Netflix (boy, that was a super sticky Band-Aid to rip off!), and I have ordered a slew of books. The first arrival was New York Times bestselling author, Atul Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto, referred to me by […]

7 Steps for Making Nonprofit Mergers Work

By Timothy Sandoval, The Chronicle of Philanthropy Nonprofits might merge for any number of motivations, from improving programs and services to averting a financial meltdown. And it can be a tricky business. Charities that join forces can lose a lot at the negotiating table – offices, employees, the ability to make governing decisions, even their […]