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Trust, but Verify

This week you are hearing from Judith Youngblood, President and CEO of WIST Data Solutions who is bringing you some timely advice… The recent announcement from Blackbaud of the cyber-attack on their servers rocked the non-profit sector. We trust our CRMs to house the sensitive information entrusted to us. Finding out that the venerable Blackbaud was vulnerable was […]

This, we know.

Colleges and universities have started the new school year either in person or virtually and many elementary and secondary are doing the same.  Organizations are now in a period of making a determination for a future we may not know.   As we come to terms with what recovery looks like (and it may take different […]

Considering a Fundraising Event? Read this!

For many nonprofits the season of event planning is in full swing. With Covid-19 still permeating our lives, nonprofits are asking a multitude of questions. Is it safe to hold my late fall event in person? Should I wait and decide later? What if I plan for an event and then need to cancel? We […]


Over the past few weeks we have heard more hiring freezes being lifted. Additionally, organizations are strategically thinking about staffing alignment and focusing on what is important at this juncture. If your organization is in hiring mode, consider the following thoughts as you begin your recruitment process: Prep for the job description Take time to […]

6 Trends from the Ashley|Rountree Survey

I recently read in Louisville Future about collaboration. Corporations are teaming up to make the utility sector more efficient and ecologically sound. The nonprofit community can learn from experiences such as this. Partnerships amongst the nonprofit sector can lead to greater efficiencies and more individuals served. Definitely a win for both organizations. Last month we conducted a […]

4 Tips for Capital Campaigns

The last few months have proved challenging for any organization conducting a Capital Campaign or preparing to start one. Capital Campaigns, by their nature, are highly organized and orchestrated events that require not only a well-conceived strategy but a tremendous amount of organizational discipline and hard work to achieve success. What happens then when a […]

Diversify Your Revenue Base

As nonprofit consultants we tend to give counsel on contributed revenue – annual giving, major, capital and planned gifts. To the typical nonprofit these are vital sources of revenue. Many nonprofits are equipped to look beyond these sources to delve into the world of earned revenue. Neville Blakemore joined our team last year and created […]

Revisiting Revenue Stream Opportunities

With the recent economic volatility, many nonprofits are revisiting revenue stream opportunities. Planned Giving, through various structures, is one way to help position organizations for a long-term consistent base of support. Philanthropic individuals are able to make a legacy commitment of larger gifts to charitable organizations than they could make from ordinary income, while still […]

Leading During Difficult Times

Typically this week I would have highlighted an associate who would share information pertaining to their area of expertise. I would like to hit pause this week to acknowledge that our community and country are figuring out ways to deal with and confront the uncertainty that has enveloped our nation. Whether it be the pandemic […]

Rise and Respond – Your Mission Matters!

Newly reported trends show that securing charitable gifts generally is dropping, and to where they are directed is shifting. As reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy last week, Americans giving to charities dropped to 73% over the last 12 months which represents a new low exceeding the 79% figure set back in 2009 during the Great Recession. […]