Making Your Development & Communication Efforts Strategic

We hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe. These are unprecedented times and we are learning as a community to take each day as it comes. Information seems to be updated hourly and coming at us all in such a rapid pace.

During these times, the Ashley|Rountree team is committed to helping our clients as things continue to progress. Like many companies, we are curtailing travel and working remotely via video or call conferencing – we are moving forward, and it’s important that things do in fact continue to move forward. Our team members want to help keep you on track with your fundraising and organizational goals. Your mission will continue to exist, the need to support your mission will likely become greater, and donors will continue to give. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be thoughtful and considerate with donors
    Everyone is handling this crisis in their own way. It’s important to understand and empathize with that – this is a tough time for everyone, and likely will get tougher.
  • Reach out and communicate with your donors
    Call or email your stakeholders. Remember, philanthropy is about relationships.
  • Enhance donor / constituent communication and engagement
    Increase the number of communication touches you have with internal and external constituents. Provide good, updated information and ways for people to communicate back with you.
  • Give donors the opportunity for them to help
    Be sure to communicate your highest and best needs to your donors and give them the chance to support you during this time. They want to help and need to know how they can help.
  • Use technology
    Don’t cancel meetings outright, but use conference calls, video conferencing and other technology to continue to move things forward in an appropriate manner. Leverage social media to an appropriate extent.
  • Think creatively
    Consider a virtual event! If you had a 5k run scheduled, convert it to a “virtual run,” and have people do their run on their own and send photos – engage people in meeting them where they are.
  • Review your strategic plan
    Take some time to step back and review your strategic plan, adjust where necessary and keep moving forward!

Did you know that an emergency relief fund has been created for Louisville families and businesses that have been affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak? Louisville Mayor Fischer announced the One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund to provide assistance to those who may need help. And Kentucky Governor Beshear and Indiana Governor Holcomb recently filed applications for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan with the Small Business Administration. Once processed and approved, nonprofits can apply for up to $2 million in assistance to help alleviate economic losses as a result of COVID-19; for more information on this, please visit:

We will continue to send updates and links to helpful sites in the coming weeks. Please consider following us on our social media channels for the most up-to-date information and resources.