Leading During Difficult Times

Typically this week I would have highlighted an associate who would share information pertaining to their area of expertise. I would like to hit pause this week to acknowledge that our community and country are figuring out ways to deal with and confront the uncertainty that has enveloped our nation. Whether it be the pandemic or recent civil unrest, we as a community are hurting and handling this struggle in different ways. Louisville is our hometown and we all must stop and ask ourselves what each of us can do to help heal our neighbors and take care of each other. During these unsettling times it is important as a leader to stop and listen to your employees. Each employee may have a different reaction to what is unfolding. As a leader our job is to listen and make each employee feel safe in the work environment.

We are sharing a good article from Forbes on leading during turbulent times. It’s a quick read with some good advice. The link below is a helpful whitepaper from Diversity Equity Inclusiveness Consulting (link below must be copied and pasted into your browser) from 2013 on effective ways to lead during traumatic events. It serves as a great reminder on how one can be helpful during tumultuous times.