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Ring in the New Year

As we embark on the early days of 2021, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on lessons learned.  What does 2021 have in store for us?  One thing we have learned from the past ten months is that we should not predict.  Are we wiser from the past ten months?  I […]

A Harbinger for Good Things to Come?

Did you participate in last week’s Giving Tuesday day of giving?  If so, you may have been one of the many organizations who received strong financial support from your patrons.  According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, there was a 30% increase in donations from that of 2019.  It is wonderful to hear this news since […]

A Unicorn?

In our last message we talked about the search process from a candidate’s viewpoint.  This week we turn to nonprofit’s recruiting to find the perfect candidate. If your organization is seeking an individual to fill a position consider the following thoughts to find the ideal candidate. Planning and Preparation If you have an existing job description, review […]

Apply Now!

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently reported that almost 1 million nonprofit jobs have been lost since February.  Art, entertainment and recreation lost the most with a 35% drop followed by education, then social services and finally healthcare.  If you have found yourself in this situation you may be one of many applying for nonprofit jobs […]

Easy Giving?

Last May, Jennifer and David Risher, a California couple, started the #HalfMyDAF movement asking those with donor advised funds (DAF) to empty half of their funds to get money to those charities in need due to COVID’s effects.  The movement ended on September 30 so final results have not been released but the August 20 Chronicle […]

Strategic Alternatives for Nonprofit Organizations

In the August 28 issue of Business First, our Vice President of Strategic Planning, Rick Cartor, Ph.D., was featured in the guest column.  The following is what he submitted: If you find your organization in this position, please contact us to discuss possible solutions or ideas.  As Rick notes above, the need to review possible alternative solutions is great […]

Trust, but Verify

This week you are hearing from Judith Youngblood, President and CEO of WIST Data Solutions who is bringing you some timely advice… Wist Data Solutions partners with our firm to bring clients secure knowledge on the latest CRM systems, database training, and data clean-up.  My thanks to Judith for her expertise on this relevant, current topic.

This, we know.

Colleges and universities have started the new school year either in person or virtually and many elementary and secondary are doing the same.  Organizations are now in a period of making a determination for a future we may not know.   As we come to terms with what recovery looks like (and it may take different […]

Considering a Fundraising Event? Read this!

For many nonprofits the season of event planning is in full swing. With Covid-19 still permeating our lives, nonprofits are asking a multitude of questions. Is it safe to hold my late fall event in person? Should I wait and decide later? What if I plan for an event and then need to cancel? We […]


Over the past few weeks we have heard more hiring freezes being lifted. Additionally, organizations are strategically thinking about staffing alignment and focusing on what is important at this juncture. If your organization is in hiring mode, consider the following thoughts as you begin your recruitment process: Prep for the job description Take time to […]