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Interim Staffing and Searches

Ashley | Rountree and Associates can quickly assign experienced management and fundraising staff for short-term assignments, either part-time or full-time for as little time as a few weeks or several months. Moreover, we can guide searches for a wide array of nonprofit staffing needs, either regionally or nationally.

Our staff and associates have deep experience in nonprofit management within a wide array of organizations. We are fortunate to have senior team members who maintain an active network of excellent candidates regionally and nationally. Moreover, because of our experience, we understand both the general and particular needs of a mission-driven organization, whether it is managing a capital campaign, overseeing special events, or starting up a new annual fund.

Whether we are asked to provide interim staffing, search guidance, or both, we work with you to evaluate the core skills and goals of each position and match your needs to the right candidate who can best fit the culture of the organization and succeed. Although our special focus is on helping hire and train managers with special expertise in fundraising and advancement, we can also assist with interim staffing and searches for executive, finance and program management positions.

Job Searches

Job Searches

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