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Special Events Audit, Planning & Management

It was with great excitement that we welcomed Tammy Moloy to our Ashley | Rountree and Associates team in January of this year. What is more exciting though is that Tammy is leading our Events Strategy Team. Tammy has managed events for more than 23 years in major markets such as Los Angeles, Nashville, Boston, and Washington, DC before coming home to Louisville six years ago. There are few, if any, professionals in the Louisville area with the events experience she has. Tammy has . . .

Furthermore, Tammy spent six years at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) number one chapter where she and her team broke fundraising records on multiple events using the peer-to-peer fundraising approach. LLS raises more money online ($98 million a year) than any other nonprofit in the country; and Tammy was one of the leaders who helped LLS achieve this ranking.

The Event Strategy Team provides the following services:

Feasibility Studies: This service is for the nonprofit trying to decide whether or not to add or keep a special event fundraiser. The service includes:

Event Evaluation: This service is for the nonprofit looking for tactics and guidance on how to maximize its events’ full potential. This service includes:

Event Strategic Fundraising Plan: This service is for the nonprofit trying to maximize its events’ full potential through the use of a customized strategic plan, one-on-one consultant training sessions, and educational seminar opportunities. This service includes:

Event Planner Referrals: This service is for the nonprofit looking to relieve staff of hours spent on event logistics so that staff can focus on fundraising, volunteer management, and donor/prospect cultivation. This service includes:

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

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