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Comprehensive Capital Campaign Management

Whether it's a significant capital campaign or a special major gifts initiative, we can work side-by-side with your volunteer leadership and staff to prepare, launch and manage fundraising efforts. We are able to provide consistent week-to-week support to help you implement a plan, anticipate challenges and reach your goal.

Our staff and associates have assisted over 300 capital campaigns across the nation. We understand that successful campaigns depend on the right combination of planning, flexibility, persistence and a commitment to focus each week on key steps for progress. Major efforts such as these require a significant new allocation of staff and volunteer resources. The primary benefit of partnering with temporary, outside counsel to supplement your staff's expertise is that we have the experience to keep you focused on doing the right things in the most efficient ways.

As campaign counsel we understand that no two organizations are exactly alike and we can provide as much—or as little—assistance as your staff, volunteers and budget require. Our services can include everything from "start-up" of the campaign (such as creating a plan and structure, assisting in recruitment and training of volunteer leaders, refining prospect lists and strategies) to week-to-week campaign management. We can also assist in creating all of the essential campaign communication materials, grant proposals and essential reporting that you will need for reports to volunteers and donors.

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