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Board and Volunteer Development

As the need for external funding grows, the demand for knowledgeable and experienced board members is growing also—and fundraising is everyone's job. Ashley | Rountree can assist your organization with the critical work of building a strong board and, just as importantly, we assist you in nurturing a wider volunteer corps that can assume leadership in the years to come.

Like staff, board members are held to ever-increasing standards performance and accountability and are expected to not only advise staff with the execution of programs but also to devote more time to fundraising than ever before. After all, the board of directors holds the ultimate public accountability for any 501-c-3 organization.

Our senior consultants include former key leaders of small and large organizations who have not only worked as paid staff supporting boards, but we are all experienced volunteers, too. We can help your organization assess its board's effectiveness and make recommendations on how to improve alignment with your mission and goals. We understand not every board member or volunteer leader is fully prepared to cultivate and close major gifts, plan major fundraising events or lead membership efforts. Our job is to help them grow into their role as thoughtful leaders of staff and volunteers.

Board Governance

Board Governance

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