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Steve McSwain

Dr. Steve McSwain
Consultant, Religion & Faith Division

Dr. Steve McSwain directs the Faith and Religion division of Ashley | Rountree and Associates. Although a relatively new division in the family of services that Ashley | Rountree and Associates provide the nonprofit world, this is hardly a new endeavor for Dr. McSwain. For more than 20 years, he served as a senior minister in churches in Kentucky and Georgia. He understands the church well, its challenges and its opportunities. For 14 years, he was the senior vice president of Cargill Associates, Inc., a church consulting firm in Texas. During his tenure there, he provided direct consultation and guidance to church and parish leaders. He conducted dozens of seminars on church growth, leadership development, and vision and mission casting. Most importantly, he provided fundraising counsel to nearly two hundred churches/parishes representing every communion within the Christian church. These churches ranged in all sizes, between 200 and 20,000. Collectively, those churches raised nearly a half billion dollars for worthy religious causes.

Steve is also an author, an inspirational speaker, and an interfaith activist. His book, The Giving Myths, endorsed by Evangelical, Protestant, and Catholic leaders alike, is inspiring people everywhere to live a more generous life. His most recent book, The Enoch Factor, chronicles those life experiences that led to his inner transformation. It is inspiring a diverse audience of readers to follow a spiritual path to a life that truly matters. Each year, Dr. McSwain is invited to speak and motivate members within churches and parishes of every denomination. He offers seminars on generosity, vision casting, interfaith dialogue, and the spiritual life. Company and corporate events are natural settings for Dr. McSwain, too, as he inspires people to promote and participate in interfaith dialogue and to pursue a more conscious, compassionate, and charitable life.

Steve holds a doctorate in theology and he and his wife, Pamela, make their home in Louisville, Kentucky. They are proud parents of four grown children.

What Ensures a Successful Campaign

What Ensures a Successful Campaign

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